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Is your child anxious?

Does your child lack confidence or have low self-esteem?

Is your child worried about their exams?


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I can show your child how to use the awesome power of their subconscious mind to rewire their brain so they can feel relaxed, confident, be totally happy in their own skin and they can learn to get a brilliant memory to help them pass their exams!
— Emma Gosling
I'd like to share this beautiful testimonial I received from a 10-year old I worked with! He was close to being expelled from school and had anger issues at home.

rtt for aged 10 to 18

Adolescence can be a tricky road to navigate for teenagers, adults and families. The transition from childhood to adulthood is often complicated by changing hormones, body changes and a developing sense of identity. They might feel lots of pressures over such things as exams, fitting in, relationships and social media. These pressures can generate anxiety, confusion, depression, sadness and anger for some young people. RTT can help your child let go of unwanted feelings, anxiety or depression, replacing them with new feelings of self-confidence, happiness and a belief in themselves that they can overcome any challenges that come their way. They can feel relaxed, motivated and confident when they take their exams and train their memory and powers of concentration so they perform at their best.



I was dealing with severe anxiety from a phobia I had developed from an earlier age, I would barely leave the house as I would have a panic attacks wherever I went. I felt extremely anxious over anything and felt that I was very limited and trapped in doing the things I used to love.
When I had the consultation with Emma I felt understood and relieved that I was finally getting the support I needed, during the session I was extremely relaxed and felt I could trust Emma with what I would have to say. I felt a huge relief being able to talk about my fears and delve deeper with why those issues came about, the session left me feeling positive and happier than ever.
Emma was very professional and supportive with everything making me feel very comfortable and at ease. I now feel like a different person who has gained more confidence, I have been able to leave the house to go to different places and even going to my first job interview which I never thought I would be able to do without feeling anxious. I truly feel that this has changed my life for the better and I would definitely recommend having RTT sessions as it helped me tremendously with my anxiety.
— Karen, aged 17

Total Confidence Programme


Build your personal and exam confidence. Let go of worries and fears, feel good about yourself, get a phenomenal memory, perfect concentration and feel and be your best for exam time.

Please note that this Programme should be booked at least  3 months before exams start. 



I got in touch with Emma due to my 6 year old son having regular soiling incidents. He had been through some significant trauma and I was keen for Emma to work with him in order to help him cope. I was expecting a gradual improvent at the most, but the actual result after one session has been truly miraculous. No more soiling since then and a happier little boy!

Emma’s approach is very gentle and reassuring with children, yet she also engages the child by making the session fun and interactive.

I can’t recommend Emma highly enough for her dedication and professionalism but above all, her commitment to see a positive outcome.

— Mum of Samuel, aged 6

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